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Everything You Need To Know About The SpeedBox 247 Key Pickup Box


Are you tired of client calls disturbing your sleep at night?

If you’re looking for a solution to this problem, then look no further. We’ve got the perfect solution for you: The Speedbox from Keymaster Solutions.

Let’s talk about how this innovative box can help you get rid of late-night client calls, attract more customers, and keep everyone happy.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.


How the Speedbox Rids You Of Late Night Client Calls

To explain how it helps, first you need to know what it is.

In a nutshell, the Speedbox is a box of steel with 4 lockers, each of which has its own 3 digit combination.

Now, imagine this:

John asks David (a car service shop owner) for a full service on his car. David finishes the job and closes the shop at 6:00 pm to head back home.

At 9:00 pm, he gets a call from John who’s demanding his car keys right now. Now, what does he do? Does he drive back all the way to his shop?

The answer is “No” because this is where the Speedbox comes into play. Since David placed the car keys inside one of the safe lockers, all he has to do is give John the combination.

Can you see how the Speedbox works its magic?

Now, all you need to do is buy one and say goodnight to late-night customer calls. You get to enjoy your bedtime without any disturbances from work.


How the Speedbox Attracts More Customers

Let’s say you can go with one of the following car service shops:

  1. The shop where you can pick up your car only during working hours.
  2. The shop where you can pick up your car at any time of the day. 

We’re guessing you would go with the second shop, right?

Similarly, if you have the Speedbox, customers will happily choose you over your competitors because they get the convenience of picking up their car (literally) anytime they want.

So not only does the Speedbox gives you more convenience but more business as well.

Key Features of the Speedbox

1. Built Like a Tank

Made with industry-grade stainless steel chambers, the Speedbox is incredibly durable and built like a tank. It’s so strong that it’s virtually indestructible.

2. Easy to Fix

It can be safely and easily fixed to just about any flat surface. So all you need is to find the right spot in your shop and attach it there.

3. Easy to Use

As we have already mentioned, it contains 4 lockers with unique identification numbers.

All you have to do is set a 3-digit combination using the master key and give the combination to your customers. Furthermore, you can easily reset the lock combinations anytime you want using the master key.

A quick look at the key features of the Speedbox is enough to convince just about anyone. It’s got everything that you, as a shop owner need — it’s virtually indestructible, easy to fix, and easy to use.

So the question is:

Do you want happier clients, growing business, and peaceful sleep at night?

If your answer is an instant yes, then be sure to check out the Speedbox today!