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The Speedbox 24/7 System

Finally there is now a Secure, Easy-To-Use, Vehicle Pick-Up & Drop-Off System that we have desperately needed forever and that customers LOVE!

Meet the FIRST & ONLY lockable 24/7 Key + Fob Drop Off & Pick Up System - The SPEEDBOX
specifically designed for Automotive and Repair Shops.

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The Speedbox 24/7 System


Dramatically improve your shop's security and customer experience while also increasing your car counts and profits!

By pairing the Speedbox with your shop's software system, you can help MAXIMIZE the VALUE of it while providing convienence and piece of mind to your customers!

Only Need a Drop OFF Box? Or a Pick Up Box?

We designed the Speedbox System to work together or independantly of one another allowing you the flexibility for your shop! All of our boxes come with lifetime replacement parts.


Imagine this. You’ve serviced your customer’s car and it’s as good as new. But your customer arrives late and you’re already closed for the day. They’re now annoyed at you and want you to drive back to the workshop just to hand over their keys. 

This is just one of the hundred different reasons why you need The Speedbox - Pick-Up Box. Whether you own a garage, automotive workshop, service center, car rental company, or educational institution, you’ll never have to worry about car key liability ever again.

Simply put the key / fob in the box, set the combo, lock it, and send the 3-digit code.

That’s it! Your customers or employees can pick up the keys whenever they want, even if it’s after working hours or on holidays. No more late-night distress calls!

Each box is made with industrial-grade steel chambers - it’s durable and built like a tank. It comes with 4 individual lockers with unique identification numbers. It's easy to mount - can be securely fixed to any flat surface. The combination lock can be reset easily and comes with a set of master keys.

Professional service that your customers will never forget.


Key drop boxes have been around for years, everywhere in the automotive marketplace. Not a new idea... BUT NONE of them, and there are several widely known brand names (same product design), have a LOCKBOX!

They are all "stations," pull-down metal desk-like surfaces, that house envelopes, and a pen for customers to fill out their vehicle info. NO drop box inside them, so customers "drop" their key/fob in the envelope into the mail slot of the shop (usually on the front door).

The Problem -- no one uses them, no one fills out the envelope, they just drop the key or expensive fob into the mail slot to hit the shop's cement floor. Damages the expensive key fobs and they can easily get misplaced.

The Problem -- they tend to be cheaply made, and usually rust and degrade quickly. They become non-functional eyesores right by the shop's front door.

Bottom line --  they aren't REAL.

Shop owners want a better option that actually works as a customer key drop-off system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Speedbox System

A completely integrated key drop-off & pickup system for your customer security and convenience! The SpeedBox System includes both our 4 locked compartment Pickup Boxthat seamlessly mounts inside our Drop-Off Box.

Yes! We designed the Speedbox System to work together or independantly of one another allowing you the flexibility for your shop!

Our patented Drop-Off and Pick-up boxes are made of heavy-duty stainless steel. They're designed to withstand harsh weather conditions & neighborhoods.

Drop-Off Box

Use the master key that came with your Speedbox 24/7 System to unlock both HD locks on wither side. Once both locks have been switched to the unlock position you can pull down the dropbox to reveal the inside trey containing the keys. To view our tutorial, click here.

Our boxes are meant to be checked daily, but if you're gone for a few days, rest assured our drop-off box can securely accommodate 10+ key fobs in the internal collection box.

Pick-Up Box

Each box comes with a 3-digit lock that can be unlocked by entering the the 3-digit code provided. Once the 3-digit code is entered properly, you can then turn the nob to the unlock position and open the box by pulling up on the numbered tab.

There are two ways to reset the pick-up box. You can use the master key provided with your Speedbox 24/7 System, or follow our video tutorial here to reset your lock without a key.

Our Pick-Up boxes are designed to be stacked on top of one another. If you're looking to buy more than one box and stack it, let us know in the order notes and we'll include numbers 5-8, 9-12, etc...


We provide replacement keys free of charge! Please send us an email at or give us a call at (847) 602-1633 and provide us with your Keymaster order # and your lock number located on the bottom of the lock.

Drop-Off Box - 22L" X 22W" X 7H"  25 lbs

Pick-Up Box - 18L" X 3W" X 5H"  9 lbs

It's rare, but sometimes things break. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all replacement parts. Please fill out the form here and we'll get back to you about sending over the correct part for your specific box.

No. our boxes require no electricity, biomechanics, tricks, etc...